Recover money

retrieving costs from bad charges

Audit charges with deeper considerations and contractually complete calculations. Validate if the supplier owes money for any missed contractual obligations.

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It used to be that contract audits were made line-by-line.
Does that tell you when you’re still being charged for a service that was disconnected last quarter?

When the download allowances on your mobiles aren’t what you ordered?
Whether the router configuration is the same on your monitoring tools as it is on the bill?

Your Thinking Machine enhances the written word of the contract with the implied definitions, rules, and service attributes that aren’t explicitly written down.

Matching this enhanced data against your orders and network records provides a unified audit & reconciliation engine to help you save every bit possible.

Suppliers don’t intend to pass bad charges to you.

But Telecom is a complex area, especially for enterprise service delivery. Issues happen, wouldn’t you rather be in control of them?

Saves you money

Optimisation formulas finds the lowest monthly cost across Wireless fleets.

Path to perfect data

Multi-way data interrogation and intelligent recommendations pave the way to a perfect Telecom asset inventory.

Figure out spend

See a global view of spend from the asset all the way to the contract.