Uncover Value. Optimise Costs. Monitor Performance 

From predictive pricing and demand

management to automated audits

of contractual obligations: easy-to-use

intelligent analytics of enterprise

Telecom services.

Enterprises face an increasing budget allocation for complex services as the seismic industry shift away from simple goods and materials continues.

Technology has not kept up with the needs of managing entrenched buyer / supplier relationships as the breadth of services increase, are consumed in real-time, across organisational silos.

Leaders lack structured information and sufficiently capable analytics to understand services consumption across silos and compare cost scenarios to find the optimal pricing structures within existing complex services contracts.

Value Intelligence democratises deep control of value from complex services using advanced data architecture to provide a unified digital representation of how contracted services and pricing are intended to perform in the real world, not just on paper.

Fast & Simple

Stay focussed on what matters.

We only need a copy of your Services

Agreement and Invoice history to get

started. No lengthy build projects taking

your teams attention away.

Unleashed Savings

Start to track savings within the

first month. We expect you to realise

a postive return on investment within

the first 3 months.

Best of Breed

Optimise your existing digital

infrastructure, don’t replace it. CI

is designed to work through niche

areas that other apps aren’t

designed to address.


Boost insights at the tip of a finger without having to rely on external reports.

Master Services Agreements – Detailed Invoices – Product Attributes – Performance Obligations are automatically run through our “Knowledge Model” process to create a unified analytics experience.

Explore and view:

> Spend and Value drivers

> Performance Obligation Reporting        
                  – Across MSA + Service-Level contracts

> Product & Pricing Attributes

> Global suppliers, services, categories

Saving Opportunities

Create significant savings with full confidence using curated opportunity reports, intelligently automated by Contract Intelligence.

Main saving opportunities are either incremental or immediately recoverable. Incremental savings are generally achievable by taking advantage of future pricing demand, while immediately recoverable savings are generally due to suppliers having failed to fulfil a contractual obligation in the past.

Predicitive Pricing Demand

Enable effective demand management by understanding your services consumption across silos. Inform future spend strategy by combining demand management with pricing intelligence from your contract.

> View consumption across    aggregate contracts, cost centres,  all they way down to assets.

> Understand the savings impact that current and alternate scenarios of demand has on your actual spend.

> Build organisational policies to track effectiveness and identify non-compliance

Product Pricing Comparison

Instantly evaluate the financial performance of all available pricing configurations either in your existing in-term contract, or evaluating supplier bids in an RFP.

> Best-fit analysis automated based on historical consumption data.

> Full traceability from summary numbers to detailed contract computations.

> Connects into other demand management features.

Service Performance

Eliminate value leakage by ensuring that all contractual promises and performance obligations are met.

> Monitor the performance of fault restoration SLAs with automated rebate calculations.

> Verify that all billed charge meets the intended amounts by your contract. Go beyond just reading and comparing lines:

           – Assure completeness of custom billing arrangements

           – Assure accuracy of grouped contracts

           – Assure the billing points of a data network to the actual                    network points.

> Reconcile all components of a purchase order are invoiced to your requirements.

Get visibility of your savings potential.
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