What is Telecom Contract Intelligence?

We’re creating new activities in your Source-to-Pay life cycle that unlock hidden value and deeper insight into your supply chain. Once the domain of consultants performing one-off reviews, this can now be done in minutes by our intelligent analytics platform.

Why use it?

✔  Discover budget efficiencies that can pay for broader transformation initiatives
✔  Improve the quality of your supplier relationships and resolve long-standing issues
✔  Transform processes between cross-functional teams
✔  Negate most of the need for automation tools by simplifying your data

Our solution can be used as a natural extension to your existing TEM (Technology Expense Management) and Source-to-Pay processes

Introducing Disruptive Technology Into The Source-to-Pay Process

Predictive Analytics

Optimise your regular buying behaviour from established contracts

Entrench enhanced cost recovery due to supplier charging errors

Intelligent Data Classification

Harmonise cross-functional teams with regular business translations of complex data

Improve clarity of your business analytics

Deepen personalisation when searching for a new contract

Deep Learning

Extracting detailed contractual terms from bespoke contracts and standard T&Cs

Discerning implied relationships between contractual, invoice, and network-related data

Concerned that your supplier may be over-charging you or want a better deal? Take our Contract Intelligence ‘On-Demand’ service for a test drive

What Problems Does It Solve?

Optimise your existing Telecom contracts

Improve the cost-efficiency of your existing service holdings with intelligent analytics of your contract

Improve negotiating position with suppliers

Find out what an equivalent service would cost across your provider in-market offers, or a new provider – traditionally a challenge due to incompatible prices and offerings.

Automation of industry-leading billing audits

We can auto-detect all forms of charging errors from your suppliers, ensuring immediate cost recovery. If you have the type of longstanding billing dispute that involves complex items like tracking historical network upgrades, our platform knows how to collect and calculate it for you efficiently. Get your supplier relationship back on track.

Easily allocate expenses across the organisation

We listened to feedback that existing solutions for configuring organisational hierarchies and allocating expenses were cumbersome and time-consuming. We’ve made it easy to create a map of your organisation, allocate expenses, and use your org. hierarchy for custom reporting & analytics.

Integrate your systems for richer insights & process transformation

Our platform works to connect your systems in a way that translates your data in normal business language. This aids greater data categorisation and insight, while providing a foundation to transform costly business processes into simple automatable functions.

How does it work?

Our platform works by extracting line-item attributes from large enterprise Telecom contracts and invoices, applying data classifications, and ingesting into a common data engine that has been designed from ten years of direct experience building Telecom Revenue Optimisation systems.

Our data engine holds a common hierarchy of data categorisations, which gives us an efficient means of providing personalised analytics with cost-effective, low-effort out-of-the-box implementation. This architecture also lends itself to our ability to translate complex data into understandable business language.

Our quality-control processes use what we call Machine Teaching – a set of processes that value extracting information based on people rather than just data. These processes enable us to integrate just about any of your systems into our platform, even if the underlying data belongs to disparate systems that don’t want to talk to each other.

We’ve leveraged our broad business Telecom experience to create a personalised platform, while our deep technical expertise has made it possible to develop a generalised solution that continually expands its effectiveness in your business.

Discover How Telecom Contract Intelligence Can Help Your Organisation