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Category Management - Six Ways to Reduce Telecom Costs & Complexity

Category Management - Six Ways to Reduce Telecom Costs & Complexity

Factors such as bundling services and keeping copies of contracts have their roles to play in reducing telecommunications costs, but many organisations are still failing to investigate a range of unnecessary hidden expenses, and the complexity of telecom category management for enterprise procurement teams continues to increase.

Whether your organisation is paying for disconnected services or suffering from internal usage abuses, the six cost reduction methods listed in this article will help to reduce telecoms costs, improve total contract lifecycle value and optimise technology spend.

Despite the difficulties associated with telecom cost management, we will also look at the practical solutions to unlocking significant savings on your technology and telecom spend.

To truly optimise this process and maximise reductions, working with Thinking Machine Systems automates the investigation and visualisation of data as well as simplifying strategic recommendations which are quickly actionable.