Accurate Asset Inventories

balanced against invoice and network

Replace your invoices as the “source of truth” with data interrogations across ordering, networking and invoicing records.

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Verification is like a three-legged stool between you and suppliers.

Tracking your inventory across international sites is tough to begin with.

We take ownership and find how to ensure accurate inventories.

Your Thinking Machine runs custom algorithms matched to your asset types, the available data from your records and your suppliers records, and your custom policies that define how your inventory is meant to work.

Inventory accuracy scores and decision trees help cut through the complexity.

Perfect quality inventories has been a time consuming and highly manual process for ages. Even then, sometimes the problems have compounded to an insurmountable challenge.

Having been in this situation many times led us to create a process that works.

Saves you money

Optimisation formulas finds the lowest monthly cost across Wireless fleets.

Figure out spend

See a global view of spend from the asset all the way to the contract.

Recover money

Forensic audits of historical service charges qualifies recoverable monies due to bad charges or missed supplier obligations.