We’re a company inspired by the possibilities of Digital Transformation.

Digital Transformation is a topic that covers a huge amount of ground, touching every area of business. We believe that a golden thread between each area is how data is collected, integrated, understood and built upon.

We understand that how data is collected is vital to an enterprise’s data strategy. We appreciate that not all data is created equal, and so much data out there does not want to integrate with other data. Yet we know it’s possible to do so in away that makes complex data well understood by the people who need it.

As people understand and have access to simplified data, they can intuit and champion new ways of working. New ways of working that simplify the old ways to the point that massive efficiencies and new value creation are a natural by-product.

Founding Team

Our founding team comes from a diverse background, enabling us to produce a range of products while staying true to our core purpose of driving Digital Transformation with modern data systems.

Richard Martin

Founder & CEO

Michelle Marcus

Head of Delivery

Mark Selby

Marketing and Design

Mel Brunner

Head of Product

What is a Thinking Machine?

The name was inspired by our founder’s corporate experience developing revenue management and customer-management applications.

Working within such a complex environment (informally voted the region’s most complex data warehouse, and that was only one of the multitude of DWs out there), it seemed impossible for teams and projects to work from a common source of information.

Big projects came and went, touting the great effects they would have on the business, and yet most failed to deliver a small fraction of what they promised.

Our founder developed a methodology for engineering source system data and integrating a wide number of applications that were mostly developed in different decades (not exactly the kind that play well together). This methodology followed a modular approach, smaller building blocks made of data that would add together to an enterprise-wide data transformation layer.

Once enough of these modules came together, it created an enterprise data platform that led to an immediate outpouring of initiatives that, over a few years, led to an architectural overhaul of several core financial and customer-management functions. Yet these achievements were manually implemented – imagine what could happen if greater intelligence was placed back into the data platform?

The potential was there for a complete overhaul of how the business operates, not just rewriting some business functions. That dream lives on, the Thinking Machine that helps us achieve true Digital Transformation…

Data Solutions That Evolve With Your Business

Improve Cashflow

Connect better with the value drivers of your business. Whether it’s vendor invoice reconciliations or customer experience, we simplify the path to improving your bottom line.

Optimise Performance

Solutions get to work straight away, using pre-packaged analytics that automatically work over your data to provide qualified insights and opportunities for better outcomes.

Better Insights

Each product tells a story about your business. These begin to merge as you add more solutions, providing a complete understanding of the value drivers of your business.

Fast Adoption Time

Our products are designed to understand your data faster than any alternative. Modern solutions, cheaper, with less implementation effort for your business experts.