Expense Management, Cost Recovery, and Spend Analysis that Scales with your Business

We believe in the true potential of Technology and Telecom Cost Recovery through Procurement Transformation.

In challenging the status quo, and constantly pushing the envelope, especially on behalf of those without the resources to do so.

In harnessing digital technology to help people deliver value, in every area of business. In focusing on modern data systems as a means to that end.

To do that, we:

– Design contract and procurement management solutions that integrate data, even data that does not want to be integrated.
– Create layers upon the integrated data, to make it easier to understand how to overcome procurement challenges.
– Spin a golden thread of highly visible, easily-understood data that links every area of business through a robust digital procurement transformation, making audit trails easier to manage, giving deep insights to procurement analysis trends and improving contract lifecyle management systems.

We’ve seen those methods create environments where getting results becomes simpler, more efficient, and delivers more value.

Why Thinking Machine?

Technology and Telecom Cost Recovery is just the beginning; we are on a mission to simplify Contract Value Intelligence through Procurement Data Science, AI and Machine Learning.

Once upon a time, there was a Developer who worked in an environment that had the most complex data warehouse in the entire region. His work was the development of financial and customer management applications.

A data warehouse it was, but in name only. Fragmentation, silos, inconsistency, incompatibility, data duplication, and never a single source of truth to be seen. These were but a handful of the problems that plagued the environment.

As a result, it seemed impossible for teams and projects to work from a common source of information.

Great gurus with big software projects came and went, touting the revolutionary effects they would have on the data (and therefore the business). Yet most failed to deliver even a tiny fraction of what they promised.

Frustration and inefficiency became almost a fact of working life, something most people came to accept as normal.

Simplified Telecom Expenses Management, Enterprise Spend Intelligence and Digital Procurement Analytics.

But, the Developer thought, “What if?”

What if… there was a way to transcend the limitations of the way things had always been done, like the data warehouse?

What if… the key is not only to unify the data, but also to apply a layer of simplification upon it?

A constantly updated layer that simplified, generated with the labour of AI.

This simplified layer would then give rise to massively efficient ways to work. It would enable people to provide even more value, without the previous frustrations.

And so, for many years, the Developer toiled.

The Taming of Wild Data for Spend Analysis

He developed a method to tame wild data, to integrate disparate applications and data, even those from different time periods in computer history. This method was modular in nature, similar to how smaller building blocks stack together to form something greater than the sum of its parts.

Along the way, those modules stacked to form a single, unified enterprise platform that modernised core financial and customer management functions. Related teams and projects could finally work from a single source of truth.

But the Developer knew, even better things were possible. He stayed the course.

The Thinking Machine that Simplifies

At last, the AI-powered layer of simplification was tested, working, and had already brought benefits to multiple enterprises. More capabilities and features were already in the works.

Thus, Thinking Machine was born. Harnessing the power of AI and data analytics to make spend management and business sense out of chaos.

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