Unlock Value from Telecom Contracts

Transparency. Performance Tracking. Better Value. Recurring Cost Optimisation.

Saves you money

Optimisation formulas finds the lowest monthly cost across Wireless fleets.

Figure out spend

See a global view of spend from the asset all the way to the contract.

Path to perfect data

Multi-way data interrogation and intelligent recommendations pave the way to a perfect Telecom asset inventory.

Recover money

Forensic audits of historical service charges qualifies recoverable monies due to bad charges or missed supplier obligations.

Personalised Cost Optimisation

Cost Savings meets Data Science

Tear into the detail of your contract and find the lowest price across every  individual service, service group, and account.

Automated recommendations
You’re presented with recommendations that are presentable at an executive or operational level.

Detailed justifications
You need confidence in the quality of the data. Keep up with the logic followed in the system.

Self-serve analytics
Love a bit of data exploration? Drill into the detail behind the management reports.

Managed benefits
Wouldn’t you rather someone else make sure the promised benefits rolls in?

I was once asked to look into our Telecom contract to find savings.

I was completely blind. I had no idea what we were spending. The suppliers are telling me they can offer me various savings.

I had no idea how that applied to different cost scenarios.

Procurement Specialist
@ Leading FMCG

It’s really, really hard to understand, let alone predict the financial impacts of changes across large Telecom service accounts.

That’s why we figured it out for you. Don’t worry about crunching complexity, just explore business-ready insights and approve savings initiatives. As business should be.

Perfect Asset Inventories

Go Passed the Invoice

Balance the proverbial three-legged stool and figure out what’s correct between you and your supplier.

Multi-way data import
Whoever has relevant data, we’d like it. Whether it’s another department or from the supplier.

Network validation
We’ll validate your invoiced services against your network records – the only way to completeness.

Customised to your contract
Got special contract administration rules?
No problem.

Remediation reports to align action
The hardest part is getting you and your supplier talking on the same page. We’ll get you aligned.

Enterprise-grade expense management shouldn’t be hard.

As consumers, we’ve all struggled at some point with our Telecom invoices. As an enterprise, the challenges scale up.

Global spend transparency

Ditch high-level estimates

Achieve unified visibility, from the asset all the way to the contract.

Anyway you like
Spend by sites, service owners, subsidiaries, projects, contracts, regions, and so on…

Ready-made insights
Interesting insights about the drivers behind your spend.

Service configurations
Get into the detail of how your services are configured, and the attributes of its billing plans.

Contract insights
Keep informed about the financial drivers and obligations in your contract.

Figuring out how to build, scale, and maintain a unified view of spend is a data scientist’s dream

So you can focus on the insights necessary to what you want to get done.

Recoverable Costs

Find All the Errors

No effort to pick up every kind of billing mistake and missed supplier obligation? Yes please!

Detailed evidence
Finding an issue is one thing, convincing everyone of it is another.

No more line-by-line
Auditing a contract line-by-line is not enough. Dive into every consideration to find the issues.

Managed recovery
We’ll make sure the supplier returns the right amount of money.

Big contracts
Our engine scales from standard T&Cs all the way to the behemoth bespoke contract.

The solution works by auditing, optimising, and monitoring your Telecom spend, giving you measurable ROI on an immediate and recurring basis.

New cost savings no-one could have previously found

Accurate inventories with intelligent multi-source audits

Trusted reporting and self-serve analytics

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