We Figure Out How to Make Telecom Simple

1. Telecom Contract Intelligence  On-Demand

Telecom Contract Intelligence (TCI) On-Demand generates significant savings of up to 32.7% on your company Telecom account via fast, on-demand recommendations. The best part? You can test how well your account is set up with a free, no-risk review. We charge commission only on significant savings.

Optimise Performance

Identify Billing Errors

Qualify Best Price for your Needs

Eliminate Wasteful Spend

Fully Automated

Bill Auditing

Price Benchmarking

Optimised Asset Management

Managed Service

Optional 360 Support

Implement Changes

Negotiate Contracts with Suppliers

How it Works

Bill Auditing compares complex contracts against your bill, beyond simple line-by-line comparisons

  Group-level contracts

✔  Tiered-based pricing

✔  Complex discounting arrangements

✔  Allowance vs Usage comparisons

Price Benchmarking generalises usage models and Telco charges for a standardised comparison model

✔  Easier to negotiate a better contract

✔  Improved contract offers from suppliers

✔  Better insight into your usage patterns

Optimised Asset Management presents qualified opportunities to identify wastage and save money

✔  Reorganise the plans within your existing contract

✔  Better manage add-ons for occasional global travel

✔  Pricing options for existing cloud licences

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2. Telecom Contract Intelligence  My Platform

Unlock significant operational value in managing your company Telecom accounts, with smart links to your contract and standard pricing terms offered by your Telecom. Effortlessly customised to your organisation, you can intuitively organise and allocate charges, rely on recommendations to qualify account optimisation and demand planning opportunities, and hold your provider to account with deep reconciliations of contractual terms and billing error management.

Self-Service Cloud Platform

Manage company compliance policies

Allocate expenses across large hierarchies

Create and customise automated reporting

Self-service analytics with data labelling

Smart recommendations for better savings and risk predictions

Key Benefits

Control internal IT and finance team sizes with better management insight

Strong, automated revenue assurance

Simplify your daily IT and finance processes

Greater customisation available on demand

Pricing tailored to your company size and budget

How it Works

We’ve harnessed our expertise in analytics and business transformation to create a solution that simplifies the technical challenges, with a business-centric design enabling faster on-boarding and customisation. Want to know more about what’s on offer?

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